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Cristine Karapetyan

I'm extremely passionate about art, design, and coding. I love to help people improve their visual and online identities with graphic and web design. I started learning design and programming in 2009 and I've been constantly gaining new skills and experience.

I've been a project manager for web and graphic design projects since 2012 with various projects. I've enjoyed working on all the projects I've done as they've all given me opportunities to grow as a designer, developer, and a person.

Feel free to call or text me with any questions or concerns at (818) 399-0860.Also you can email me at

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What I Do

I provide quality care and fast, efficient services for your project. I have years of experience working with graphic and web design and I guarantee that you will be satisfied with your project.

Web Design

I design and develop responsive websites the way you want them

Graphic Design

Logos, brochures, business cards, and more

Project Management

With years of project management experience, I'll get your work done efficiently


I can create amazing videos for commercials, social media, or your website

My Works

Choco-Lato Jan Commercial


This is a commercial I created for a Chocolate company called, "Choco-Lato Jan". I illustrated every bit of it to create the perfect feel for this product, as the product is aimed at children and I wanted to illustrate something attention-grabbing and bright.


Little Cartoon Folks

I made these characters in my birthday month of 2014, I was very inspired at the time to create and make something meaningful. So I created characters of the people I knew in real life that are important to me. I enjoyed this project very much as illustrating is one of my main passions, and I love working with illustration programs.

Character Design


Two crazy characters with lots of personality!

Character Design


A crown fit for a king!

Character Design


A pretty dapper fellow.


Recovery Home Brochure

I made this for a friend who takes care of a recovery community for women to get better from and issues that make their lives unmanageable. I was very honored at gaining this project and work on it very thoughtfully, as I do with all my projects, to ensure that the design was appropriate and portrayed the proper feelings that the client described wanting the brochure to have.

River Tam Dancing

Scene from "Firefly" TV Show Illustrated

This is one of my favorite scenes from "Firefly" illustrated. First I created shapes in Illustrator for each element of the scene, then put them in Photoshop to paint digitally. It was a lot of time and fun to create this piece.


Character from X-Men

I love the character Rogue from X-Men quite a bit. I think she's super brave. So in light of me likeing the actress Summer Glau as any superhero, I created an illustration based on her as Rogue.


Illusration of scene from episode of "Firefly"

Gotta love a good Shindig! One of my many loved episodes of "Firefly", I created an illustration of the character Kaylee in her dress at a shindig.


Child exploring the beach

"You can't take the sky from me." This is a digital painting of a child exploring a beautiful beach. Based on a photo of my nephew.

Firefly T-Shirt

I am a Leaf on the Wind

This is a t-shirt design for my favorite show in the 'verse(universe). This show has inspired me, empowered me, and kept me sane so many times! Firefly, the tv show as well as the movie made for it, Serenity, have made me feel powerful and strong. I've been inspired to create and explore and grow as a human being through the tales this show brought me. This was made for my online store at TeePublic.

Talon Photography

Logo for photography company

I worked on this logo for practice in logo design. I got pretty good feedback about it from my peers. I intended to make it simple, but explain the profession as well.

Fancy Follicles Hair Artists

Logo for a Hair stylist business

I created this company logo to represet a professional business enviornment that is apart of a growing company.

Spikey Hair Productions

Logo for a music education/production company

The client for this project really wanted a fun, non-corporate logo to represet a fun learning enviornment. The client loved what I came up with as it represeted both their services and their business name.

Persephone Body Piercing

Piercing Website

This website was done for a piercing company located in Australia. It had a tight deadline and I was able to work quickly but efficiently to get the best website possible done for my client.

Talin Responsive Bootstrap Template

Website Template

Click here for demo of website template.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the design for this project, I wanted to create a clean, mobile-friendly design for a landing page or a one-page website that clients would like to use. The word in my head throughout the process of creating this project was, "professional".

Magneto & Professor X Shirt

X-Men t-shirt design

X-Men are the best, they're strong, powerful, and they always save the day! I am a big fan. I've been watching the series and reading the comics since I was a kid. I like how Xavier can and sometimes can't(depending on his helmet) get inside Magneto's head. It's such a complicated relationship that they have. I love all the stories, especially X-Force and the character X-23. Anyways, enough rambling about how much I love X-Men, I made this shirt to portray the relationship, to mean something. For them to be seen, and I believe I succeeded. This was a great project for me. I made this for my online store at TeePublic.


"Cristine designed and took care of every step of implementing the website for my business, and she checked in with me every step of the way during the design process. She listened to what I was after, provided me with various options, and tweaked them to suit my individual needs. She was prompt, and I couldn't have asked for faster, better, or more caring service.

I am SO happy with what Cristine did for me, and I'd have no reservations about working with her again!"

- Dimmie D.

"We love the logo!!! ... It is absolutely awesome!"
- Vanessa, Spikey Hair Productions

"Thank you! I love it. Exactly what I wanted and more. Very happy, lovely experience."
- Emmy, Fiverr

"Warm and professional, thanks for everything!"
- Alwyn, Fiverr

"Great work and communication! Thanks!"
- Mel, Fiverr

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Feel free to give me a call or text at (818) 399-0860 or send me a message with the below form with any questions or price estimate requests.You can also reach me at